Adam "Ebon" Wolf

Horizon Security "Consultant"


There are very few things in this world that are more paranoia-inducing then witnessing a sniper at work.

Ebon Wolf stands 5’ 6" tall, which makes him a little on the short side. He wears his dark brown hair long enough that you can’t tell if he’s an elf or not. He tends to wear casual clothes and favors military style clothing. He has hazel eyes. He also normally carries a machine pistol in a hip holster which he doesn’t bother to conceal.


Lex originally met Ebon Wolf when EW stole Lex’s treasured Assault Rifle. EW returned the rifle and continued to discreetly learn about Lex, impressed by the up and coming runner Wolf aided Lex in return for payment and even got Lex’s assistance a time or two. Eventually Lex learned that Wolf works directly for Horizon and appears to have some status within the corp.

Adam "Ebon" Wolf

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