Nerie "Phoenix" Analti

A hacker and runner


You can’t stop the signal.

Nix is an extremely talented technomancer and is very skilled at manipulating security systems, even to the point of manipulating the human elements of a systems security. She only runs for the challenge and thrill, when not on the job she runs a freelance tech consultation service. Despite her being so skilled and loyal to the job she does not make a professional first impression. She dresses oddly, often wearing shirts with psychedelic patterns or popular net culture phrases. She wears her brown hair short and often streaks it with different colors. When on a job she tries to be professional and tries to keep her snarky comments to herself, but when not under stress she talks a lot.


Nix originally met Lex when her shadow running team hired him as muscle. Together the team did several jobs before they were betrayed by ODC. During an ambush both Kat and Turbo were murdered. Nix only survived because she was in the back of the van and Lex had left his armored trench-coat in the van. She was saved by Lex and since then she and Lex have grown extremely close, to the point that they are now living together. She is Lex’s closest ally (both emotionally and geographically :D), and provides drone and tech support to him. She is a very skilled hacker due to that fact that she has normal hacking skills and is a technomancer. She is also very skilled with electronics repair and is a decent drone rigger.

Nerie "Phoenix" Analti

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