Liam Tilke'ynis

ex-Tir Ghost, ex-Laesa Hitman


Human nature is a funny thing. When a man brings a sword to a gunfight that’s a warning, not an opportunity.

Liam has dark grey skin, unlike most elves. He generally wears old Tir Ghost armor which bears some resemblance to medieval armor. He is rarely seen without him wishing it.


Liam was originally a Ghost of Tir. He served under the Royals and became a reknowned Ghost for his skill with the sword. He is one of the original Ghosts and he designed much of the Ghost training regime. When the Royal were ousted Liam disappeared and resigned in disgust. He eventually surfaced as a hitman for the Laesa. When the Laesa were destroyed he survived and has once again disappeared.

Liam Tilke'ynis

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