Finnell "Fin" Sarif

Leader of the Ancients


As the leader of the Seattle Ancients Fin dresses much like you’d expect. Black leather with Ancients Emblems, chains, spikes and a green mohawk. His appearance is equally to inspire his soldiers and to scare enemies. More respectable people will often underestimate Fin as a simple go-ganger, they are often surprised by his professionalism and diplomatic skill.


Few know much about Fin’s past. He joined the Ancients as a adult and quickly worked his way through the ranks. During this time he met Sting and two always worked closely together although Sting was originally senior to Fin. When Sting should have become the Captain she allowed Fin to take the position and she remained his trusted Lieutenant. Fin has constantly worked to forge the Seattle Ancients into something more then a gang. Under his leadership they have worked closely with the citizens of Tarislar and have the Ancients provide protection to them, not normal “protection” but the Ancients actually police Tarislar and protect the inhabitants from low-level street crime and from the attacks of bigoted hate-groups.

Finnell "Fin" Sarif

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