"Crazy" Ivan Denisovitch

A Vory Arms Dealer


Ah, my friend. I have some new toys you might be interested in…


A middle aged Russian who’s slightly overweight. Since Ivan has been with the Vory V Zakone for a while he does have Vory tattoos, but Ivan generally keeps them covered. He prefers to dress much like the dockworkers that work under him though he does dress up when needed. Superficially he looks much like you’d expect a middle-aged dock manager to look. He’s a very friendly guy who enjoys to chat with his clients, despite the criminal nature of his business. He is a shrewd business man who won’t stand for being ripped off but he is willing to barter and trade, and he does work hard to please his regular customers. Anyone who messes with him will find quickly find out that why the Vory call him “Crazy” Ivan.

"Crazy" Ivan Denisovitch

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